Tom Brady is a dead ringer for Judge Doom at the Kentucky Derby


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    Now, here to peruse the speedy horsies, the NFL’s Tom Brady-turned-Judge Doom. 

    On Saturday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback arrived to the 2021 Kentucky Derby sporting a sleek suit, some shiny spectacles, a broad-rimmed hat, a patterned tie, and a pocket square. The getup — which isn’t exactly silly by Derby standards, but looks ridiculous on Brady — immediately drew comparisons online to the villain Christopher Lloyd played in the 1988 cartoon noir Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Brady is a dead ringer for Judge Doom, but of course, the fun didn’t stop there. 

    On Twitter, Brady’s fashion choices — which, let’s be real, were probably made by some poor stylist who is about to have a very long conversation — was also likened to a Dick Tracy villain…

    …Jim Carrey in The Mask…

    …Major Arnold Ernst Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark

    …Reverend Kane from the Poltergeist

    …Trump toadie and high-profile conservative Roger Stone/The Penguin…

    …and more. Plus, there’s this little imagined drama in which Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an FBI agent arresting cartoon criminal Brady for his crimes. 

    I hate horses. I hate football. But Twitter still rocks.


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