Watch NVIDIAs GTC 2021 keynote here at 11:30AM ET


    You’re in for a treat if you thrive on NVIDIA technology. Company chief Jensen Huang is delivering the GTC 2021 keynote today (April 12th) at 11:30AM Eastern, and you can watch it live below. He’ll once again be presenting from his kitchen, but you can expect a range of introductions that cover everything from the the usual graphics tech through to AI, high-performance computing and “autonomous machines” (read: self-driving cars).

    Just be sure to set your hype levels appropriately. We wouldn’t be surprised to see consumer-facing news, but GTC frequently focuses on pro audiences. There’s a good chance you’ll see something exciting — just don’t count on NVIDIA revealing the latest GeForce gaming GPU (not that you could buy it) when that’s not the company’s focus at this event.

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